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[PHOTOS] The Family Business Interview

Written by sara on May 03 2018

Today a new, recent interview with Jensen, and wife Danneel, was shared by Forbes. The interview took place at The Family Business Brewery where they talked in-depth about the venture and even their plans for the future – below is a small snippet from the interview which you can read in full here.

‘The idea of moving to Austin came up, and we thought it would be really cool to have a little brewery that was self-sustainable and kind of a passion project.” adds Jensen. “We went down to Austin to check out the craft brewing scene, and it was the right location for starting something since the market was really starting to take off. There were only a few breweries, and they were really starting to see a market increase. We all decided to move the business to Austin and then shopped around for a spot to set up shop.”

“We ended up buying some land just outside of town and building from the ground up,” says Danneel. “It was a little bit more of an investment as opposed to renting a place, but we decided to just kind of go all in from the beginning. Everything that has happened so far with the brewery has been very organic, and while we were looking around for places, my Uncle (who had 365 acres out in Dripping Springs), called and said the little ranch next to him with 15 acres was going up for sale. We went out there, and it was absolutely perfect, and we bought it immediately. Then our whole concept started to evolve and change, and that’s how we ended up with the destination brewery. All we originally wanted was a little tiny spot” says Danneel.

As well as a great interview there were gorgeous photos taken! You can see them in our gallery now;

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