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[Photos] Supernatural Celebrates 300 Episodes

[Photos] Supernatural Celebrates 300 Episodes

On Friday 16 November the cast and crew of Supernatural came together to celebrate yet another milestone reached by the long-running CW show – 300 episodes!

Earlier in the day Jensen, alongside Jared and several members of the Supernatural production team as well as both the presidents of the CW and WB, joined together to celebrate the naming of the studio in Vancouver where the show is filmed, with a commemorative plaque declaring it is now known as The Supernatural Stages! Such a great honor for Jensen, Jared and all involved in the show throughout its many years. Several photos from the event have been added to the gallery.

Later that night Jensen and other members of the Supernatural cast and crew attended the 300th Episode Party in celebration; photos from the press line have been added to the gallery.

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