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Supernatural 15×03 The Rupture Stills

Written by sara on October 15 2019

Official episode stills for the third episode of the season have now been added to the gallery!

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Season 15 Premiere Caps and Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Written by sara on October 12 2019

We are officially in the End. I have added screencaptures for the premiere episode, “Back and to the Future” to the gallery;




I have also added behind the scenes photos from a photoshoot Jensen, and the rest of the Supernatural cast, took part in while at San Diego Comic Convention this summer.



Be sure to keep checking back as I am aiming to get screencaptures from new episodes uploaded 24-48 hours after it airs, allowing those that are avoiding spoilers or that haven’t had a chance to watch yet the opportunity to do so.

Recent Photoshoots Added

Written by sara on October 09 2019

I have update the latest photoshoots Jensen has done this year, taken during this summer, as well as adding the special Supernatural edition covers from TV Guide Magazine’s October issue, which is out this month.





Supernatural Season 15 Episode Stills Added

Written by sara on October 03 2019

We are officially into the one week countdown until the beginning of the end…next Thursday the final season of Supernatural premieres. I have added stills for the first two episodes of the season to the gallery!

Supernatural > Season 15 > Production Stills > 15×01: Back and to the Future
Supernatural > Season 15 > Production Stills > 15×02: Raising Hell

Episode descriptions can be read below;

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‘Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum’ – Jensen to Feature!

Written by sara on September 30 2019

Alongside the Radio Company annoucement this Friday October 4, fans can listen to Jensen’s voice in another way…on Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast! Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast will be having a Supernatural Week this week, starting with Mark Sheppard on Tuesday, Misha Collins on Wednesday, Jared Padalecki on Thursday and lastly Jensen will close out the week with his episode this Friday!

Jensen’s episode is describe as follows;

Last, but certainly not least, Jensen Ackles joins the show to round out our Supernatural Week! Jensen talks about Supernatural coming to an end after fifteen seasons and how he’s glad for the show’s sake that they’re going out strong on their own terms. He also talks about what it was like for everyone to come to an agreement that it was the right time to end things for the integrity of the show, it’s cast, and crew. Jensen opens up about what it was like to pursue acting growing up as an athlete in a sports dominated area like Texas, stories from his time on-set with Rosey appearing in Smallville, and his directorial experience so far in comparison to his career acting.

Be sure to catch the podcast on your device on desktop by searching Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum  on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and on the podcast’s website.

Radio Company First Listen (and look!)

Written by sara on September 30 2019

Today fans got a pleasant surprise when Radio Company (the musical pairing of Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson) posting a few sneak peaks of their upcoming album ahead of a special announcement this Friday – some behind the scenes photos of the recording sessions earlier this year were shared as well as a short video clip, featuring Jensen, singing a track from the album which is titled “Cannonball” and co-written by Jensen and Steve.

Home > Radio Company > Instagram Posts
Home > Radio Company > “Cannonball” Sneak Peak


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