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[NEWS] First look at Supernatural Season 14!

[NEWS] First look at Supernatural Season 14!

We officially have our first look at the upcoming 14th season of Supernatural; the news being shared on Supernatural Day being no coincidence! Below is a small snippet from EWs exclusive reveal on the upcoming season and what it has in store for Dean (and Michael…)

“He’s taking a moment to assess the landscape,” Jensen Ackles says. “How useful are these angels; are they worth saving or teaming up with?”

That assessment will involve Michael coming face-to-face with the angel Jo (as seen below). “He utilizes that meeting as an assessment of the greater realm of angels that exists,” Ackles says. “And she’s not necessarily the best representation of the angels that are out there, because she kind of has her own agenda and is a bit rogue. So his meeting with her does prove to be a little different than anticipated, which makes for an interesting dynamic.”

You can find a still from the first episode in the gallery as well as a look at a brand new promotional poster for the season.

Supernatural (2005-Current) > Season 14 > Production Stills > 14×01: Stranger in a Strange Land
Supernatural (2005-Current) > Season 14 > Promotional Posters

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