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Jensen and Jared Virtual Creation Panel

Written by sara on August 10 2020

Yesterday afternoon Jensen and Jared took part in a virtual panel for Creation which has had to cancel their conventions due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. As Jensen points out during the panel (which took place in their respective homes where they are almost halfway through their two week quaratine before filming starts) this is a first for them, noting that they are still having “firsts” even after 15 years.

I have uploaded the panel in full for those that didn’t get a chance to watch or simply want to watch again.

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Supernatural Return to Filming Date

Written by sara on July 31 2020

Today it was shared by a very reliable source that Supernatural will return very shortly to Vancouver to complete filming of the final two (2) episodes of season 15.

The show will begin filming the first of the two episodes on August 18th with filming set to wrap production on 11 September 2020, thus ending the filming of the show forever. The cast will head to Canada soon as they will have to adhere to Canada’s strict quarantine of two weeks before filming starts.

We hope Jensen and all the cast stay safe during this time as they work to complete the telling of a decade and a half story the way they want to. Hopefully Jensen will share some updates – maybe his last transformation into Dean Winchester as he sheds this unexpected hiatus look!

Update: Jensen and Jared did a new interview from their homes talking about what the lockdown has been like for them and thoughts on returning to work.

Supernatural Season Seven Screencaps

Written by sara on July 25 2020

Screencaptures for Supernatural season seven (7) have now been added to the gallery! Production stills and promotional material for this season are already in the gallery for viewing.

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Supernatural to be included in CW Fall Schedule

Written by sara on May 14 2020

Today, which would have been around the time for Networks to normally host their Upfronts, Mark Pedowitz, CW President, announced the Fall schedule for later this year. This will allow for the show to air the seven remaining episodes of the final season, with the last two yet to be filmed, hopefully, later this summer.

8-9 p.m. Supernatural


Supernatural will, once again, return to its Thursday night slot airing at the time of 8pm. With the announcement the CW twitter account also shared out a new promotional poster, which I have added to the gallery.

Supernatural Season 6 Screencaptures

Written by sara on May 04 2020

While we are awaiting the final seven episodes of season 15 I am still working to get screencaptures for all previously aired seasons into the gallery – head to the gallery now to check out HD screencaps for all episodes of season 6!

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