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Jensen and Jared Virtual Creation Panel

Written by sara on August 10 2020

Yesterday afternoon Jensen and Jared took part in a virtual panel for Creation which has had to cancel their conventions due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. As Jensen points out during the panel (which took place in their respective homes where they are almost halfway through their two week quaratine before filming starts) this is a first for them, noting that they are still having “firsts” even after 15 years.

I have uploaded the panel in full for those that didn’t get a chance to watch or simply want to watch again.

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Jensen and Danneel Ackles Complete 5K for Charity

Written by sara on July 28 2020

On Tuesday 28 July 2020 Jensen, Danneel and their three (3) children walked 5K in support of the Boys and Girls Club of Austin. They have a donation page which you can donate to here.

The videos/photos were shared by Danneel on her instagram account (@danneelackles512)

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Jensen and Danneel Ackles – Call Me Al video

Written by sara on May 17 2020

To celebrate their 10th anniversary Jensen and Danneel shared an incredible video (they both shared on each of their respective Instagram accounts) where they recreated the music video for Paul Simon’s song “Call Me Al” – choreography, costumes and even the editing was perfect! in two days the video has had over 1.2 million views already! (this is just from the video posted to Jensen’s account)

10 years of marriage and it’s come to this…remaking eighties music videos. Thanks for always keeping it fun and interesting @danneelackles512 . 💙#happyanniversary …I’ll forever be your bodyguard. (But I probably won’t call you Al). 

Jensen Instagram post caption

InspireHouse Twitch feat. Jensen and Danneel

Written by sara on May 08 2020

On Thursday night Jensen and Danneel both took part in ‘Live from San Quarantine with Jewel’ a twitch stream event which they filmed, live, from their home in Austin. You can find screencaptures from the video in the gallery and if you either missed the stream or want to watch again I have uploaded the full segment to our YouTube channel.

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