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SPN “Provebs 17:3” Episode Stills Added

Written by sara on November 13 2019

Episode stills for tonights episode have been added to the gallery.

The episode is entitled Provebs 17:3, which is the following verse from the Bible;

The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the LORD trieth the hearts.

Proverbs 17:3

Ben and Dana talk to Jensen Ackles

Written by sara on November 09 2019

We have another podcast with Jensen! On Wednesday Jensen spoke with Ben and Dana for a short while to talking about Supernatural, his album and a little bit about Days of Our Lives! The podcast itself is just under 10 minutes long but it is very entertaining and its always great to hear Jensen talk passionately about what he loves e.g. acting, directing and music. You can listen below;

Supernatural Screencaptures Update and New Time Slot!

Written by sara on November 09 2019

Screencaptures for episode 4 “Atomic Monsters”, which Jensen also directed, have now been added to the gallery.

Midseason premiere dates were announced today – for Supernatural that also came with a change of night! When season 15 returns from its winter hiatus next March it will air on Monday nights, returning on March 16 2020 with the season finale schedule for May 18 2020.

Trivia: With this schedule change this means that over the course of 15 seasons Supernatural has aired on every night of the week, Monday to Friday.

Jensen iHeartRadio Podcast

Written by sara on November 07 2019

Today a brand new podcast Jensen did with Greg & The Morning Buzz for iHeartRadio, presumably recorded today, was shared out – give it a listen below!

It’s short but he talks briefly Supernatural ending, directing, Radio Company and officiating Jeffrey Dean and Hilarie Morgan’s wedding last month.

Supernatural Season Five Screencaptures

Written by sara on November 06 2019

Screencaptures for season five of Supernatural have now been added to the gallery.

Jensen Talks Directing in the Final Season

Written by sara on November 06 2019

Jensen Ackles first took the helm as director back in Season 6, when he made his directoral debut in the forth episode “Weekend at Bobby’s”. Since then he has went on to direct a further five episodes in seasons 7 – 11 before deciding to solely focus on acting after his life got a little bit busier with the birth of his twins in 2016. But, with the announcement of the final season he decided it was time to get behind the camera again, one last time. I have added some HQ photos of Jensen behind the scenes directing.

Jensen spoke with several media outlets and this episode is going to be special for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is a fight sequence which Jensen helped flesh out more than it was originally intended and has shot in a way which is brand new for the show. He also talks, without giving too much away, that a character is returning to the show in the guise of an actor Jensen is very excited about having on the show.

One of the most exciting things for Jensen fans is that one of Jensen’s very own songs (recorded under the duo of Jensen and Steve Carlson known together as Radio Company) will be featured in the episode! Sounds of Someday (which you can listen to immediately if you pre-order the album on iTunes) will play over a montage in the episode. The full album, Volume 1, is released on Friday 8 November on iTunes and Spotify.

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