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Site Closure.

Written by sara on August 30 2020

Firstly I want to start off by saying what an absolute pleasure it has been to run a fansite on Jensen for the past five (5) years. So much has happened in that time and I have had so much fun creating updates, sharing new photos from events and shoots and making new friends along the way.

Unfortunately fun doesn’t pay the bills (😭) and over time the expense of keeping the site running (hosting, domains, photos etc.) has gotten to be too much for me to continue.  

I have come to the difficult decision that I am going to have to close down the main website and gallery. This is something that I have been thinking about for a good few weeks, so not a decision I am making lightly. I have been taken a long time, longer than I probably should have, to come to this decision as it is not something that I want to do and then regret but at the end of the day if I feel I cannot put my all into running this site then I am not going to enjoy doing it and I don’t want that to happen.

I intend to keep posting news/updates and photos but I will be sharing them only through the other social media platforms, Instagram and Twitter and of course Tumblr. I am still a HUGE fan of Jensen and cannot wait to see what he does in the future (so excited for The Boys season 3 already!) so please take a moment and follow the social media pages to stay up to date.

Thank You


Jensen and Jared Virtual Creation Panel

Written by sara on August 10 2020

Yesterday afternoon Jensen and Jared took part in a virtual panel for Creation which has had to cancel their conventions due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. As Jensen points out during the panel (which took place in their respective homes where they are almost halfway through their two week quaratine before filming starts) this is a first for them, noting that they are still having “firsts” even after 15 years.

I have uploaded the panel in full for those that didn’t get a chance to watch or simply want to watch again.

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Supernatural Return to Filming Date

Written by sara on July 31 2020

Today it was shared by a very reliable source that Supernatural will return very shortly to Vancouver to complete filming of the final two (2) episodes of season 15.

The show will begin filming the first of the two episodes on August 18th with filming set to wrap production on 11 September 2020, thus ending the filming of the show forever. The cast will head to Canada soon as they will have to adhere to Canada’s strict quarantine of two weeks before filming starts.

We hope Jensen and all the cast stay safe during this time as they work to complete the telling of a decade and a half story the way they want to. Hopefully Jensen will share some updates – maybe his last transformation into Dean Winchester as he sheds this unexpected hiatus look!

Update: Jensen and Jared did a new interview from their homes talking about what the lockdown has been like for them and thoughts on returning to work.

Jensen and Danneel Ackles Complete 5K for Charity

Written by sara on July 28 2020

On Tuesday 28 July 2020 Jensen, Danneel and their three (3) children walked 5K in support of the Boys and Girls Club of Austin. They have a donation page which you can donate to here.

The videos/photos were shared by Danneel on her instagram account (@danneelackles512)

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Supernatural Season Seven Screencaps

Written by sara on July 25 2020

Screencaptures for Supernatural season seven (7) have now been added to the gallery! Production stills and promotional material for this season are already in the gallery for viewing.

Enjoy and please remember to follow our social media (twitter, instagram and tumblr) for updates as well as bookmarking the site!

The Ackles 5K for Charity

Written by sara on July 22 2020

Today Danneel updated her Instagram account to let fans know that Jensen, herself and their three (3) children will be completing 5K in support of The Boys and Girls Club in Austin.

We have accepted the #5K4Kids challenge to raise awareness for BGCAA! @jensenackles, the kids and I will run, mostly walk, or be pulled happily in a wagon on a 5k for the boys and girls club kids!
@bgcaustin serves over 16,000 Club youth annually with high-quality and safe out-of-school programming. However, over 105,000 Austin area youth still lack free or affordable care each day. Help us raise awareness to the challenges that face our youth! We know many face limitations when it comes to giving now so if you are unable that’s ok, just join on 7/28 for live updates along the way! Check out your local boys and girls club for ways to help! #linkinbiotodonate

Danneel Ackles instagram (@danneelackles512)

You can go to the donation page and leave either a set amount of enter the amount you would like to donate.

The Ackles will complete the 5K on 28 July and will be sharing updates, live, on that day!

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