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Supernaturals Fall Finale Stills Update

Written by sara on December 14 2019

Firstly, apologies that I am late in getting these stills uploaded to the gallery so late; I have been ill the last few weeks so haven’t been online – alas! Now you can find stills for the fall finale which aired on Thursday as well as 2 additional stills for the previous episode, Last Call.

When Supernatural returns for the second half of its final season it will be airing in its new Monday night slot.

Supernatural 15×07 Last Call Stills

Written by sara on November 27 2019

Episode stills for this weeks new episode, Last Call, which features Dean joining the fictional bar-band The Imapalas, have now been added to the gallery!

Supernatural 15×05 Golden Hour Captures Added

Written by sara on November 23 2019

Screencaptures for the latest Supernatural episode, Golden Hour, have now been added to the gallery – sadly just over 300 caps out of this weeks episode.

Next weeks episode is the much anticipated Last Call which guest stars Jensen’s long time friend Christian Kane (Angel) and the formation of the fictitious band The Impalas where Jensen will sing in the episode! I’m excited to hear what the song will be as so far it’s been kept a secret. You can check out the promo below;

Jensen attends Out Youth’s Glitz Gala 2019

Written by sara on November 19 2019

On Saturday 16th November Jensen, alongside wife Danneel and representing The Family Business, attended Austin’s Out Youth’s Glitz Gala 2019 held at Fair Market in Downtown Austin, Texas.

Photos from the event have been added to the gallery – it looks like Jensen had a great time while supporting a great cause (one the Ackles’ have lent their support to in the past).

Supernatural 15×05 Proverbs 17:3 Captures and Additional Stills

Written by sara on November 19 2019

Screencaptures for last week’s episode have been added to the gallery, as well as additional stills that were released after the episode aired, due to the big spoilers they would have revealed had they been released before the episode aired!

SPN “Provebs 17:3” Episode Stills Added

Written by sara on November 13 2019

Episode stills for tonights episode have been added to the gallery.

The episode is entitled Provebs 17:3, which is the following verse from the Bible;

The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the LORD trieth the hearts.

Proverbs 17:3

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