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Just a little information.

1. If you want to dicuss the second season kick-off episode Family Remains, you are very welcome to do so in the forums. I already started a new thread. 😉

2. Screen Captures of the episode will be added by tomorrow – well let’s better say later today because it’s already 1:37 am over here.

3. I love the good Dean talking bad!!!

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Back in “Yellow Fever,” some people wondered if Dean didn’t get sick because he was a dick. Creator Eric Kripke denied it, but now I think the genius did protest too much. After last night’s bombshell reveal that Dean enjoyed torturing souls in Hell, it seems slightly obvious that Dean is a little bit of a dick.

I’m not trying to tick off the legions of Jensen lovers in the Supernatural community, but this twist certainly puts some tarnish on the image of the show’s golden boy. Kripke went ahead and made one of the lead characters rather unlikeable and made him do something that is not easy to forgive. From a storytelling perspective, I find this utterly fascinating.

Dean fans may not love that their man took pleasure in causing others pain, but it’s a great move for an already strong show. Supernatural is now willing to go to much darker places than ever before and it’s not afraid to make the Winchesters flawed.

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He’s a hit battling evil forces on CW’s Supernatural, and now you can catch Jensen Ackles on the big screen facing a monster minerwho swings a mean pickaxe in My Bloody Valentine 3D.

It’s one more step toward stardom for the hunky guy from Dallas who got his start on Days of Our Lives and went on to Dawson’s Creek, Dark Angel and Smallville.

Q: There’s a lot of in-your-face violence, not to mention blood and gore, spurting off thescreen in 3D. Is it a good thing for the audience to be ducking body parts?

A: I would say it gets a little ugly. But it wouldn’t be a good old-fashioned slasher movieif it didn’t. We tried to push the envelope a little bit and have things flying right at you. Butthat’s what makes it a fun ride. It’s definitely cooler and more frightening in 3D.

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What are the chances your CW faves will survive for another season?

The official verdict won’t come down until the upfronts in May, when the networks unveil their new fall schedules, but CW president Dawn Ostroff is offering up a little early information.

Will Supernatural survive to hunt demons another day or could the Winchester boys go down before their time?

We’ve got the info and the odds…


According to Ostroff, “We’ve been creatively really happy with the show. The show’s been holding its own. I hope it continues to do well because I’d love to see it back.”

Predicted Response to Supernatural Cancellation: 10 on the fan Richter scale

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I’ve uploaded new episode stills for 4×13 – Afterschool Special of Supernatural. Enjoy.
P.S.: What an resemblance of the younger and the older Dean!!! I’m impressed.
P.S.S.: He looks so hot in those shorts!

– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 4 > Episode Stills > 4×13 – Afterschool Special

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In the second half of BuddyTV’s exclusive interview with Supernatural writer Sera Gamble, we asked her about the show’s future, and she delivered. Aside from discussing upcoming episodes, Gamble also addressed fan concerns about Sam’s role in season 4, explaining that it’s because the angels “appear at times to be so much more connected to Dean.”

Gamble also described her favorite writing experience on Supernatural and offered a preview of several upcoming episodes, including one that features Dean, a soy latte, and a Prius. Trust me when I tell you it’s not what you think. Continue reading for a transcript and to listen to the full interview.

We asked all the fans at BuddyTV to submit any questions they had and a lot of them seemed to be a little concerned with Sam and his storylines. They think he’s being overshadowed by Dean. So I’m wondering if in the second half, is there going to be a focus on Sam?

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I just would like to inform you that I will work on the Gallery for the rest of this week.

I plan to change all Supernatural related screen captures into HD/Blu-Ray ones. I may do some other changes, though. I’ll keep you posted.

Please welcome Jasmine! She will help me with the news submissions from now on, because she knows so much stuff I obviously don’t. Have fun on here Jasmine!

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I’ve uploaded My Bloody Valentine 3-D related video clips to the Video Vault. Enjoy.

– My Bloody Valentine 3-D > Promotionals > Interview
– My Bloody Valentine 3-D > Red Carpet > Interview

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