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Madison in Eugene, Ore.: What’s the latest on Jared and Jensen on Supernatural?
Let’s just say that if you happen to look like these dreamy dudes above (and God bless you for it), you should contact the CW right away, because I’m hearing that yes, you guessed it! There just might be a third freaking Winchester brother out there. Hear that? It’s the sound of my mind exploding! I’m told that the possible third brother has not been cast, but we’ll start hearing rumblings of another son courtesy of Dean and Sam’s father John Winchester, aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan, this season. Seriously, does that dead dude get around or what?! Meanwhile, I’m dying to know what you think of this twist and if anyone out there could possibly be delicious enough to pull off the same genetic code as Jensen and Jared. So please comment below, and if you have any casting suggestions, bring ’em!

Mary: On Supernatural, do you know if Alistair was destroyed or just repelled? I’m curious if we’re going to see him again?
Yes, Alastair will return later this season, but in a new, nastier “meat sock” form.

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The most obvious critique applied to pretty much any 3-D movie is, would this film work as well without the 3-D? In most instances the answer is no, and in the case of MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D, that’s more or less the case.

Take the 3-D out of it and VALENTINE is really no different from average direct-to-DVD slasher fodder, albeit not a bad example by any means. And as the current slate of remakes goes, this new MY BLOODY VALENTINE measures up decently to the original, which was neither the best nor the worst of the lot (though it works better now as a nostalgia piece), and is a fairly respectful retelling. But all of this is irrelevant, since the new BLOODY VALENTINE was made to be seen and experienced in three dimensions (the first horror film shot with the Real D process) and this is what gives the film the large majority of its entertainment value. If you don’t experience this one in a theater in 3-D, you’ll be missing out on all the fun.

For those who are fans of the original, you’ll be pleased to know that MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D is not a “reimagining” of the original but rather a pretty straightforward remake, keeping a large majority of the 1981 film’s storyline and characters and making certain changes that work for the better. One of the things that set the first movie apart was the fact that it was populated mainly by adults and not horny teenagers, and the new version takes the same course, although these leads are mainly young adults. It retains the same plot structure—deranged miner slaughters his co-workers and townsfolk before supposedly being killed himself, and a new series of murders occur years later, along with the love-triangle subplot and murder-mystery aspect (which Todd Farmer and Zane Smith’s script works fairly hard to keep us guessing about). None of this makes for truly riveting drama, but it all works as best it can, and as a plotline to basically connect a bunch of gory 3-D killings, it is reasonably watchable on these terms.

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Finally, I have finished the new version of Jensen Ackles Daily and used the winner set of our layout poll. Thanks again for taking part in it. Hope you guys like the result.

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I’ve uploaded some new stills for upcoming episodes of Supernatural. Enjoy.


– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 4 > Episode Stills > 4×11 – Family Remains
– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 4 > Episode Stills > 4×12 – Criss Angel Is A Douche Bag

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Get the scoop from the guys on just how that whole Eye of the Tiger thing happened, then find out what they think about the balance of comedy and drama on the show. Plus, find out which moment has Jared giggling still!

– CW Source > Jensen and Jared on Supernatural’s Comedy, Drama…

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Thanks to Frederik for the following news:

Jensen will be on The Bonnie Hunt Show on January 9, 2009!

For more information please visit bonniehunt.com

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It’s no secret that we’re massive fans of Supernatural here at CW Source Central — we’ve been crazy about the show, the premise, the scares, the family dynamics, and most of all, the glorious Winchester boys, since it first hit our TV screens. But that doesn’t mean we’re willing to give the show a pass when something isn’t right. The show set the bar high, and we expect it to live up to its own ambitions!

Now that we’re midway through season four, we wanted to take a look back at what’s happened this year and give our verdict on what we love, what we hate, and what leaves us scratching our head. Will you agree? Read on to find out:

What We Love

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I’ve uploaded more Supernatural related Magazine Scans. Enjoy.

– Magazine Scans > Scans in 2008 > Black – September 2008
– Magazine Scans > Scans in 2008 > TV Guide – Nov 10
– Magazine Scans > Scans in 2008 > TV Guide – Oct 27

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