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The hit series Supernatural will return this Thursday with an all-new episode entitled Family Remains. At this current moment in time, the show, which revolves around spooking hunting brothers Dean and Sam Winchester, is experiencing a huge spike in ratings and it is proving to be more popular than ever. We recently met up with Dean Winchester himself, Jensen Ackles, to find out what we can expect to see during the second half of season four. Sadly, he doesn’t know any more than you do, “I don’t know. You tell me. I’m never quite sure what is going to happen. Eric Kripke keeps me in the dark. I don’t know what we are going to shoot until we shoot it. So, the end of this season is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you.”

He went on to explain the fate of the series as he knows it, “This was supposed to be our last season. Season four was supposed to be the big crescendo. That is what Kripke had always explained to us. He had a very specific way that he wanted to end the show. As you know, that didn’t work out with the writer’s strike. Things got sort of pushed back.” Does that mean season five is the last time we will see the Winchester brothers? “Maybe Kripke will come in and wrap everything up in season five. I know there has been talk of that. It’s hard to say, though. With season four, the ratings have gone way up. We were supposed to be heading towards the end, but who knows at this point? He might want to keep it around for a bit longer.”

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I’ve uploaded screen captures of Jensen at The Bonnie Hunt Show – Jan 9, 2009. Video has been added aswell!

– TV Shows & Screen Captures > Talk Shows > The Bonnie Hunt Show – Jan 9, 2009

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The cast and crew of My Bloody Valentine 3D told ShockTillYouDrop.com tonight on the film’s red carpet that a sequel is looking good.

They said that you can expect all the surviving members of the cast to return for the follow-up should the film do well at the box office. Kerr Smith told us that director Patrick Lussier has a number of ideas where to take the sequel. “It’s been discussed, we’re working on that,” the actor relayed to us. “The way they leave this movie, anything could happen. I talked to Patrick the other day and he’s got some great ideas.”

Writer Todd Farmer confirmed he has also been talking with Lussier about their narrative options.

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A few days in advance of the show’s mid-season return, Supernatural fans have launched their second annual charity drive/ratings ploy called Support Supernatural. The campaign aims to collect donations on behalf of the show’s hunky stars, Jared Padaleki and Jensen Ackles, and provide a little press for the CW show.

Donations will benefit the Best Friends Animal Society and Make-A-Wish Foundation International, both great causes the actors have supported in the past. The groups organizers report that they raised $5,000 last year and are aiming for $10,000 this year. Donations on behalf of both actors can be made via SupportSupernatural.com or at Best Friends Animal Society and Make-A-Wish Foundation International

The campaign runs until August 2009, so you have plenty of time.

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I’ve uploaded screen captures of Jensen at Jimmy Kimmel Live – Jan 8, 2009. Video has been added aswell!

– TV Shows & Screen Captures > Talk Shows > Jimmy Kimmel Live – Jan 8, 2009

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I’ve uploaded new public appearance photos of Jensen at My Bloody Valentine 3D Los Angeles Premiere – Jan 8. Enjoy.
P.S.: Sorry, I’m so late with these pictures.

– Public Appearances > 2009 > My Bloody Valentine 3D Los Angeles Premiere – Jan 8

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We’re back with more from our interview with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles from the Supernatural convention in Chicago. This time, the guys talk about what makes the show work — for the fans and for the actors themselves.

– CW Source > Jared and Jensen on Why Supernatural Rocks

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Th 1/8: Anne Hathaway, Jensen Ackles, Lenka
URL: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Fr 1/9: Jane Kaczmarek, Jensen Ackles
URL: The Bonnie Hunt Show

Fr 1/9: Jensen Ackles, Whitney Cummings, Josh Wolf, Conor Knighton
URL: Chelsea Lately

P.S.: Don’t forget to watch The People’s Choice Awards – Wednesday night on CBS at 8pm central time to see if our votings paid off!

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