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Next week, Supernatural gets seductive when a siren tricks men into doing her bidding. Sam and Dean are forced to investigate a strip club, and in one of the show’s funnier bits as seen below, they could not care less.

The CW released an early first look at a video clip from next week’s episode, “Sex and Violence.” It features Sam and Dean in a strip club, but it’s almost certainly not what you’d expect (or what you hope for, if you were thinking the boys were going undercover as Chippendales dancers).

Continue reading to watch a sneak peek of Supernatural’s “Sex and Violence.”

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I wasn’t fully prepared for the firestorm of hate that came my way from the Supernatural community when I wrote earlier today that Dean is a sex addict. It seems fans take their beloved Dean very seriously.

Many of you offered impassioned and lengthy defenses about why Dean isn’t really a sex addict, just a normal guy. Some were well thought out and raised some issues I hadn’t actually thought about (the possibility that he’s overcompensating after spending what felt like 40 years in Hell). Others just wanted to yell at me for being an idiotic Jensen-hater.

Below you will find some of the many comments from you, the fans, about why Dean Winchester isn’t a sexaholic, but just a normal dude. But first, I’d like to offer a little defense of my own. First, my original article was partly humorous, especially the part about the possibility of Jensen being like his character, which I’ve since removed because so many of you seemed to take it the wrong way.

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I’ve uploaded more on the set pictures of the first Season of Supernatural. Enjoy.

– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 1 > On The Set > Filming – 1×01
– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 1 > On The Set > Filming – 1×02
– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 1 > On The Set > Filming – 1×11
– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 1 > On The Set > Filming – 1×13
– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 1 > On The Set > Filming – 1×19
– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 1 > On The Set > April 2, 2006
– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 1 > On The Set > January 5, 2006
– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 1 > On The Set > January 17, 2006
– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 1 > On The Set > January 27, 2006
– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 1 > On The Set > March 2, 2006

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I’ve uploaded screen captures for 4×13 – After School Special. Enjoy.

– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 4 > Screen Captures > 4×13 – After School Special

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I’m growing a little worried about Dean. At first, his seemingly juvenile obsession with porn and sex was amusing, a harmless little hobby. But lately, it’s taking on a disturbing new tone.

In last night’s episode of Supernatural, Dean proudly boasted that three of the female cheerleaders at the high school they were investigating were legal. If he discovered this through some normal method, it might be OK, but since he was snooping in the principal’s office for dead kids, it means he actively chose to seek out the ages of the cheerleaders. It was a funny line, but it’s also kind of gross.

If that’s not enough, the flashbacks also let us know that, even in high school, he was calling his female teachers “sugar” and hooking up with multiple girls in the janitor’s closet. I think it’s about time someone sat him down and had an intervention.

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I’ve updated the Supernatural section! I’ve added lots of new information on the show, Dean, his car, summaries of the previous seasons and trivia stuff.

P.S. For all of you who would like to discuss the episode of tonight, feel free to do so on the forums, I’ve already started a new thread!

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Tonight at 9pm on the CW, Supernatural brings the long-awaited “After School Special.” This episode includes flashbacks to Young Sam and Dean while the current versions revisit their old high school. It also has Dean in shorts playing a substitute gym teacher, which should provide quite a few laughs.

However, it will still be a somewhat somber episode as it’s the first one airing after the passing of the show’s long-time director and producer Kim Manners. Given how close the show’s stars and staff are, viewers can hopefully expect a tribute to Kim Manners either at the beginning or end of the episode.

Source: buddytv.com

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Supernatural have really stepped up on the titles for the second part of Season 4. But hey that’s okay for me as long as I still get to see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in every episode. For this 14th episode: Sex and Violence not a long description could be found. So here it goes:

A siren casts a spell on Sam and Dean while they are on a mission in Iowa leading to their violent behavior.

But really we don’t need to hear about the hijinx the guys get into because they are so funny the two of them. And guess who is back in this episode? Bobby. Can’t wait to see it.

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