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Between the douche bags, magic tricks and gay S&M sex dungeons, the major storyline this season on Supernatural actually moved forward last night. Ruby showed up to inform Sam (and us), that Lilith has now broken 34 of the seals, putting her past the halfway point to raising Lucifer.

It was a significant moment for the season, and perhaps even more important, it put Sam back in the driver’s seat. While the brotherly dynamic is what truly drives Supernatural, the first half of the season focused largely on Dean. This isn’t a criticism since he was pulled out of Hell by an angel, which needed a lot of explanation.

But now we see Sam’s role in this. Instead of stopping a seal from being broken and going off to have a beer like Dean, Sam is getting proactive, even though it’s taking him down a dark path. He has already made some unpleasant decisions, but killing Lilith is the ultimate choice.

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I’ve uploaded screen captures for 4×12 – Criss Angel Is A Douche Bag. Enjoy.

– Television Episodes > Supernatural > Season 4 > Screen Captures > 4×12 – Criss Angel Is A Douche Bag

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How nice is it to only have to wait a week for a new Supernatural episode?!? After last week’s dark and serious turn in “Family Remains,” the Winchester boys are ready to make you laugh in this weeks cheekily titled episode, “Criss Angel is a Douche Bag.” It’s always a little alarming when a show’s title is so funny you’re afraid it will overshadow the comedy of the actual episode but based on this just released teaser–there’s nothing to worry about, “Criss Angel is a Douche Bag” is seriously going to bring the funny.

As evidenced by the title, this weeks episode finds Sam and Dean dealing with magicians. In “Criss Angel is a Douche Bag” Sam and Dean are faced with magicians delving in black magic. The brothers are called to investigate after several people wind up dead in ways similar to the illusions the magicians perform on stage. The episode was written by Julie Siege, who brought us “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester.”

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Thanks to Andrea for the following news:

Bonnie has been collecting items from her celebrity guests to auction them off to raise money for the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University in Chicago.

Jensen Ackles brought a ‘Supernatural’ Jersey and director chair back which he signed.

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Question: What’s cookin’ on the Supernatural front? — April
A secret is revealed that will make Dean feel guilty for all of eternity.

Source: ausiellofiles.ew.com

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Good news! You now can reach Jensen Ackles Daily with the domain J-Ackles.net, too! The previous owner didn’t update the site since back in December so our host [Fan-Sites.org] redirected the domain to us.

Looks like we have to celebrate something…

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Digital Spy have a Jensen picture special due to the  My Bloody Valentine 3D release and Supernatural returning on ITV2 on January 25th! Go to their site to see all the pictures, by following this link.

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Here’s a question for all you Supernatural/Dean Winchester loyalists who trooped to the cineplex over the weekend: Did My Bloody Valentine 3-D leave you wishing you’d snuck into Notorious instead? (If you could get in, that is. The Biggie biopic was sold out at my inner-city movie house and, in fact, was neck-and-neck with MBV for the No. 3 box office spot.)

At the showing I attended, I distinctly heard giggles — whether they were for the cheesy 3-D F/X, the Swiss-cheese story holes (leaves on trees in February?), or Jensen Ackles’ 1-D glower of a performance, I had no idea. Even this hardened gorehound didn’t expect much from a bare-bones remake of the ’80s knockoff of Friday the 13th (which arguably knocked off Italian great Mario Bava‘s 1971 Twitch of the Death Nerve), but c’mon: Where did Jensen Ackles bury the bad-boy charisma that lent spark and snap to even the less-inspired episodes of the CW series? One can almost understand why he’d phone it in, given the constraints of the role, a cliched script, and the absence of straight-man Jared Padalecki to play off.

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