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Demon Dean was speculated to be one of the major villains on the tenth season of “Supernatural”.

Actor Jensen Ackles provided some spoilers for what Demon Dean will be like in the series next season. In an interview with E! Online, Jensen Ackles spilled little information about the personality of the new Demon Dean. According to Ackles, Demon Dean will be a despicable being who does not care about anyone of anything and he loves being that way.

“It was a tough season for old Dean last year. He was going through a lot. I wanted to take all of that away, all the weight of the world, all the heavy, the guilt, all of that stuff, remove all of that, because Demon Dean does not care. That’s kind of where I went with this character. He is Dean without a care in the world… It’s not comedic, it’s almost scarier. He cares so little for everything and everybody, and he loves it.”

Being a villain next season emerged from the previous spoilers about Demon Dean being a menace. His brother, Sam, will chase after him and will try hard to find a cure for the current state of his brother. Moreover, the puzzling role of Mark of Cain makes Demon Dean more dangerous.

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Dean was transformed into a demon at the end of season nine finale of “Supernatural,” and he will remain a demon at least for the first few episodes of the upcoming season.

Jensen Ackles, who essays the character of Dean, said that his character is going to have a tough time coping with his transformation, and described Dean’s mental state as sad and a bit scary.

“It’s like the guy at the party who doesn’t want the party to be over,” Ackles explained backstage at Comic-Con, reported Digital Spy. “He just keeps drinking and keeps making an ass of himself, and he doesn’t care that his friends have all left and the music’s died.

“It’s a little sad, and a little scary, because of what he’s capable of. Out of three days of filming last week, demon Dean had four fight sequences,” Ackles added.

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Supernatural was chose again to be on the cover of one of the 4 special limited edition issues.


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Buzz about the CW hit series ‘Supernatural’ heats up, as production for the new season kicked off in Vancouver. Rumors and spoilers have been circulating on fan forums with speculation about episodes and new characters.

Recently, a clarification has been made on the reported premiere episode title of ‘Supernatural’ Season 10. TVLine has reported that the premiere episode is tentatively entitled “Soul Survivor”, but co-executive producer Jim Michaels was quick to dispel the rumor.

post in his Twitter account, Michaels said, “Please note that the Season 10 premiere of #Supernatural is NOT titled Soul Survivor! Thx!” Michaels posted on account on Saturday, July 15.

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CW has Announced its Fall Premiere Dates and Supernatural will air on OCTOBER 7TH at 9:00-10:00pm
Although the show new season premieres on that day, the previous day at 9pm you’ll have a SUPERNATURAL SPECIAL

8:00-9:00pm The Originals (Season Premiere)
9:00-10:00pm Supernatural (Retrospective Special)

8:00-9:00pm The Flash (Series Premiere)
9:00-10:00pm Supernatural (Season Premiere)

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